G3a. How does blood flow through our heart and body?

This is going to be a big drawing and note-taking day:

In your notebook today you will be creating a series of diagrams (LABELED pictures, probably with explanations) that explain how the heart and lungs work together to exchange oxygen rich/poor blood, AND specifically how blood moves through the four chambers of your heart. By the end of class you should have many colored diagrams AND one neatly drawn diagram of the heart with correct labels. You may use the picture below to help guide you. Remember, this is not art class and they do not need to be perfect, but we do remember better when we draw our own. Good luck!

You will need to watch the two tutorials below and take notes on them. Both should be viewed with your sound OFF.

Tutorial 1: Step-by-step of blood flow through the heart
Click on both “Figure 1” and “Figure 2” and watch both the animation and the “step through” step-by-step explanation

Tutorial 2: Animation and tutorial of blood flow through the heart



  • Complete the diagrams for Meeting 2

Going Further:

Animation of blood cell’s travels:

This video is AWESOME to explain the system, it's also really catchy :)

Here is a website that shows what happens when you inhale and exhale smoke.


Blue = oxygen poor blood (oxygen has already been dispersed throughout the body, now going to lungs to become oxygen-rich)
Red = oxygen rich blood that just came from the lungs, to go to the rest of the body, until it becomes oxygen poor and needs to go to lungs
-Matthew Hughes (B band)

Here is the enlarged version of the Wiki picture, it shows how the blood flows through the heart. It might help you with one of the diagrams.

a more realistic diagram of the heart. -matthew hughes

heres a picture of the different valves.